The Silent Stage

Plot Summary

The music scene, which is always the first to shut down during earthquakes, mining disasters, terrorist attacks at home and abroad, came to a halt with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Though perceived as only “entertainment”, music is an indispensable element of art and one of the essential things that bring people together. The music industry, which can be gathered under headings such as musicians, production companies, managing companies and concert venues, employs about 1 million people from waiters to security personnel, helpers to sound operators, backstage managers to the technical team, cooks to cleaners, secretaries to assistants in companies.

The shutdown process that started before the pandemic has now entered an even more serious phase.  During this time, many musicians have had to get by selling away their instruments while there have also been those who committed suicide. The musicians, who could not even pay their rent, had to leave the house they lived in, move to other cities, or return to their families abandoning their established way of life. The stories of the musicians, who could not receive short-time work allowance or unemployment pay, and other workers in the music industry are now featured in the documentary, The Silent Stage.


The 25’ documentary "The Silent Stage" narrates what people in the music industry in Turkey have gone through during the pandemic. Under the documentary, musicians and other figures including Coşkun Karademir, Ferit Odman, Hakan Atala, Çağrı Sertel, Seçkin Özmutlu, Fahranaz Bozkurt, Evren Karakul, Sinem Aydıner, Melis Sökmen, Derya Türkan, Edis İlhan, Ediz Hafızoğlu, Mahmut Göçmen, Onur Sabuncu, Erdal Erzincan, Eren Noyan, Solanch de Rosa, and Hünkar Çalışkan were interviewed.

Director: Uğur Evin

Producer: Rabia Çelik

Written: Ayhan Kınalı 

Post Production: PostBıyık

Original Music: Çağrı Sertel

Production: Yedi Yapım