The Bridge

At the heart of the film is the story of a young talented artist Kiril, in whose fate persistently puts a weapon in his hand instead of a brush. Demanding from him the life of a warrior, not a painter. 
The protagonist Kirill has had a difficult time, there is a war in his homeland Georgia, invaders are rudely interfering in the peaceful life of his country, it is necessary to fight and choose between his love and duty. The action first takes place in Georgia, the homeland of the hero, where he and his girlfriend, Katia are making plans for the future, dreaming of moving to Kiev and living happily. But Kiril is already a warrior and he goes to war. The connection with the beloved was lost due to hostilities; dreams of the future were destroyed. 
Kiril and Katia meet again after twenty years by coincidence in another war in Ukraine. Hybrid warfare is a new phenomenon in their lives. We have not yet adapted to it. Kiril’s goal is to prevent the drug smuggling into Ukraine. The drug traffic is controlled by the general of separatist army, Vladimer who considers Kiril as a personal enemy of his. The protagonist gets caught by Vladimer, who then tries to kill him. Kiril’s friends, a handful of warriors come to rescue him and his former girlfriend who apparently didn’t lose her feelings for Kiril. Here the plot line brings us to the idea that the same enemy, both destroyed and continues to destroy human destinies and take lives. 
The finale of the whole story takes place on a narrow bridge, where Kiril and his friends manage to kill Vladimer and cross the enemy line to the safe heaven.  


The Bridge


The Bridge


83 Minutes


Roman Matsiuta, Svetlana Kovskaya, Borys Heorhivskyi, Kostiantyn Kostyshyn, Zaza Chanturia


Boris Kvashniov


Mirza Davitaia




War, Drama


Russia, Ukraine