Love Guru

Önder has been married to Aylin for 9 years. Aylin, who fellin love with Önder 's cheerful, unconcerned ways, began to accuse him of not takingthe responsibility of marriage and family man. It's like the rule of love. Thereasons that people fall in love become the cause for separation.Önder cannot create the economic stability that Aylin desiresand needs. Aylin asks him to change his job because he is economical incompetency.Her wealthy family never approves of Önder. They always thought that Önder could not make her daughter happy withhis financial situation.On the other hand, Önder, with his usual optimism, believes thatthe book he wrote will soon be a best seller and allow them to enjoy life, butthings never go as they wish.At the surprise party that Önder has prepared for their 10thwedding anniversary, Aylin lets him know she wants to leave Önder. He isdevastated. He loves his wife and does not want a divorce, but Aylin isdetermined. Later, Önder moves in with his close friend Özgür. Önder tries hardto change the situation, he even starts working as a taxi driver to improve hissituation.One day, Öndersees Aylin with another man, Önder decides to move on. This becomes a turningpoint in his life and he becomes a complete playboy.Özgür uses his relationships to take him to important TVshows and Önder suddenly starts to get recognized. Önder’s book gets published and it is a bighit. He receives invitations from TV shows. As he sells more books, he gets bigoffers, and his life starts to turn around.One day, while visiting his old friends, Önder meets Nil andpretends to be a taxi driver. Nil is a mysterious but beautiful woman who hasjust arrived from abroad. For the first time in his life, Önder experiences reallove. Önder, who has been doing radio programs and writing books on love as alove guru, realizes that he has tasted love for the first time. He is bothconfused and happy. But suddenly Nil disappears. She finds out the trueidentity of Önder. After allthese years, Önder finds love when he least expects it, and he suddenly losesit again.On the first day of his book signing, Aylin comes to ask Önderfor forgiveness, but it is now too late for them to get back together becauseNil is also there together with Önder.


Love Guru


İlişki Doktoru


105 Minutes


Gurgen Oz, Ozge Ulusoy, Ceyhun Fersoy, Eren Genc, ilayda Cevik


Mustafa Ugur Yagcioglu


Fanatik Film




Romance, Comedy