Our story takes place in a small town in Anatolia. Municipal elections are approaching and there is a lot of activity in the town. The current president of our town, Fikri, is an absurd, talkative president who puts his priorities above everything else, saves the day, and has fun with the shortcomings and flaws of the people living in the town. Fikri's attitude is not only towards the town. This is also true for her spouse, children and relatives. However, someone will be a candidate in this election whom Fikri has never considered. Zeynel, who runs a coffeehouse in the town, nominates for the municipal elections upon the request of the people in town. Unlike Fikri, Zeynel is sincere man who is warmer and more affectionate person and he tries to fulfill his responsibilities as a husband, father, brother. In our film, the conflict between two opposing characters creates sometimes funny and sometimes tragicomic moments. Zeynel lives with his wife, two children and his widowed sister. His sister has two sons, Kenan and Turan. Zeynel sends them to Istanbul to study at an university. However, his nephews love to wiggle in Istanbul and continued their nauhgtiness in the town. They forget the way to school. Zeynel, who is aware of this situation, urgently calls his nephews to the town. As soon as the nephews arrive, the first thing they do is, trying to find a solution to the problem of their childhood friend Hakim. Hakim is in helplessly in love with Fikri's niece Zeynep. Zeynep's mother tries to feel like she belongs to a group because she is the president's sister, but no one knows what this is, including her. The mother is not against Hakim and Zeynep's marriage.  But the day Hakim comes to ask for her daughter, she makes such a request that no one understood exactly what she wants. The situation gets out of hand when Hakim's childhood friends, Kenan and Turan, intervene. While all this was happening, İbo, the schizophrenic madman of our town, wants to go to the courtroom to sue his non-existent wife and children.

Wedding performer Fiko is a passionate folkloric head dancer of every wedding in our town. This passion for halay causes the death of his mother. Barber Sefer, the most naive person in the world, will not only be convinced by Fikri that their father is gambling in the other world, but he will also be indebted to Fikri. While all these absurdities are happening, the election day's approaching and the race between Fikri and Zeynel begins. While Fikri is sure that Zeynel will win because he is a coffee house manager who is far from politics, Zeynel, who makes unique statements instead of the usual cliché discourses, will experience troubles and difficulties. Unlike Fikri, Zeynel took his rallies out of an atmosphere of conflict and argued that it would be better for Fikri to remain as the mayor. People are both entertained and Zeynel wins their hearts thanks to his propaganda claiming that Fikri's presidency would give people hope and the feeling of "I can be anyone I want."  Fikri, cornered by Zeynel's intelligence, is confused about what to do. In fact, since he cannot keep up with Zeynel's speeches while the rally continues, he starts to respond to the rally area through the municipal loudspeaker. This is a completely different experience for the locals. And election campaigns becomes increasingly fun. Just before election day, Zeynel has completely gained people's trust by making his last move very cleverly. The election is held, and when the results are announced, Fikri's face turns pale but Zeynel's smiling. As soon as Zeynel takes the office, he starts to make a series of innovations and changes. He listens to the locals, women and children, and tries to meet all their needs as much as he can. The most beautiful and nostalgic innovation demands come from the children of the town. They ask Zeynel to build an open-air cinema in the town, just like in old times in Turkey. This request excited Zeynel very much and he immediately rolled up his sleeves. On the other hand, the absurdities of our characters continue unabated. Recently, Deli İbo thinks he is a religious scholar and has been wandering around the town inviting the locals, who are already Muslims, to religion. Hakim and Zeynep's marriage dreams fall apart, the couple find the solution to run away. Hakim asks for help from his friends Kenan and Turan. Fiko, Sefer, Kenan, Turan and Hakim take action to kidnap Zeynep with a misshapen and unfinished car (a scrap with holes on the hood) that Hakim found. As they are waiting for Zeynep, Fikri and his army suddenly appear before them. No matter what they do, they can't stop Fikri from crushing them with the roller.
​On the other hand, Fikri's feud with Zeynel never ends. With every innovation he makes and every step he takes, Zeynel also takes away the mayoralty away from Fikri forever. Realizing this, Fikri prepares fake documents to send Zeynel to prison through his assistant Ahmet. Our movie ends with Zeynel's imprisonment and dramatic images.






114 Minutes


Diren POLATOĞULLARI, Necip MEMİLİ, Büşra PEKİN, Nursel KÖSE, Bülent ÇOLAK, Şerif Sezer


Ulaş Bahadır


A Time Production




Comedy, Drama, Family